Event: Disputing/dispute-settlingAlfred 54.opposition to his going to Emma 2 in Winchester

Scholarly Info
Description [C: Godwine 51 nor] the other men who wielded great power (Anonymi 2366) did not allow it [sc. Alfred 54 to go to Emma 2] because the popular cry was very much towards Harold 5, though this was unjust.
Year 1036
Primary Source Info
Original Text C: ... ne geşafode Godwine eorl ne ec oşre men şe mycel mihton wealdan [D substitutes: ac şæt ne geğafodon şa şe micel woldon on şisan lande], forğan hit hleoğrode şa swiğe toward Haraldes, şeh hit unriht wære.
Date from Source 1036 CD

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