Event: Grant and Gift, Relics-collecting/depositing/grantingEmma 2.gift of head of St Valentine to New Minster for soul of Harthacnut 1

Scholarly Info
Description His mother [sc. Emma 2] gave the head of St Valentine the martyr [F(OE): to the New Minster; F(Lat.): to the same church (sc. the Old Minster)] for his [sc. Harthacnut 1's] soul.
Year 1042
Primary Source Info
Original Text F(OE): ... his moder for his sawle gief into Niwanmynstre sancte Valentines heafod ­as martires; F(Lat.): pro cuius anima mater sua dedit caput sancti Valentini martyris eidem ecclesiŠ.
Date from Source 1041 F(OE and Lat.)

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