Event: Agreement, Charter-witnessingS1200 - agreement between Eadwald 10 and Cynethryth 5

Scholarly Info
Description Eadwald 10, son of Oshere 5, and Cynethryth 5, widow of ∆thelmod 7, ealdorman ; agreement concerning land at Chart, Kent
Year 867 x 870
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This is the agreement between Eadwald Oshering and Cynethryth, widow of Ealdorman ∆thelmod, with regard to the land at Chart which ∆thelmod her lord gave her. It was bequeathed to Osberht, his brother's son, if he survived Cynethryth, but afterwards to no other member of the family; but she should arrange for its disposal after their time, as might be for them both most just and most charitable. Now Eadwald and Cynethryth have devised the following arrangements with the help of their friends. If Eadwald live longer than Cynethryth, he is to give for the estate at Chart 10,000. If he die before her, whichever of his children is alive is to pay the money and dispose of the estate in whatever way is best for those who have acquired it. There is no one nearer of kin to ∆thelmod than Eadwald, whose mother [was] his brother's daughter; it is most natural that he should have the land, and his children after him, and [that they] should dispose of it in whatever way may seem to them most beneficial to those who lawfully acquired it.

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