Event: Commemoration of the deadVarious.commemoration in Brescia Liber Vitae

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Description Various people of Anglo-Saxon origin had their names recorded in the Liber Vitae of Brescia. Among these the names of Burgred 5 and ∆thelswith 1 can be identified.
Year 850 x 875
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*As it is impossible to give the specific year in which these English names were entered, the chronological range suggested simply reproduces the third quarter of the ninth century, described by S. Keynes as the most likely period in which the names were recorded in the Liber Vitae. *According to S. Keynes ({The Liber vitae of the New Minster and Hyde Abbey, Winchester, ed. Simon Keynes, Early English Manuscripts in Facsimile Series ; v. 26, Copenhagen : Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1996, p. 51, n. 21)} the names entered after Burgred 5 and ∆thelswith 1 probably belonged to people in the entourage of the Mercian king and his West Saxon wife, or to members and friends of the royal family, or to persons who expressed a wish to be commemorated in association with them.

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