Event: Charter confirmation, Charter-witnessing, Property-exchanging, Property-giving/sellingS806 - Edgar 11 exchanging with Winchester 1

Scholarly Info
Description King Edgar 11 to Winchester 1 Cathedral; renewal of the liberty of Taunton, Somerset, as granted by King Edward in exchange for land at 10 hides at Crowcombe, 20 at Compton and 20 at Banwell, Somerset, and 20 at Stoce near Shalbourne, Wilts., the land at Compton and Banwell having been given later to the community at Cheddar in exchange for land at Carhampton, Somerset. In return for the confirmation Bishop Æthelwold 1 gave to King Edgar 11 200 mancuses of gold and a gold cup weighing 5 pounds and to Queen Ælfthryth 8 50 mancuses.
Year 968
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 978, Easter

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