Event: WarCeolwulf 2.waging of war against various peoples

Scholarly Info
Description Ceolwulf 2 is reported to have waged war against his own people (Anonymi 2423), the British (Anonymi 2424), the Picts (Anonymi 2425) and the Scots (Anonymi 2426).
Year 597 x ?611
Primary Source Info


*Anonymi 2423 are referred to as 'sua [sc. Ceolwulf 2's] propria gente'. ASC 597 A here refers to 'the English' ['Angelcyn']. Ęthelweard 23 is thus using 'gens' to refer to the English people as a whole rather than to the tribal grouping of the West Angles [= West Saxons], whom he has just mentioned.

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