Event: Battle, WarCenwealh 2-Pionna 1.fighting against Anonymi 2427

Scholarly Info
Description Cenwealh 2 and Pionna 1 renewed war against the Britons (Anonymi 2427) and pursued them to the place called Parret.
Year 658
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... Cenuualh et Pionna ... bella restaurant Brittannos aduersus, et persecuti sunt eos usque ad locum qui Pederydan nuncupatur.
Date from Source <658>: three years having passed since the Mercians (Anonymi 2430) had been baptized


*Mention of 'Pionna 1' is an error. ASC 658 A has: 'Her Cenwealh 2 gefeaht ęt Peonnum' ('Here Cenwealh 1 fought at Penselwood'). One may speculate that possibly Ęthelweard 23's source had a hooked 'e' for 'ę', which he read as Latin 'et' ('and').

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