Event: Battle, WarCuthred 7.fighting against Æthelhun 3

Scholarly Info
Description Cuthred 7 began war against Æthelhun 3 because of some ill-will in state affairs.
Year 750
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... Cuthred contra Ethelhun ... incepit bellum pro aliqua inuidia reipublicae.
Date from Source <750>: twelve years after Eadberht 11 succeeded to the kingdom of the Northumbrians and Ecgberht 7 became archbishop


*The translation follows @Campbell 1962, p. 22. As @Campbell 1962, p. 21 n. 1 and p. xxiii, observes, this comment is probably an error for the OE 'ofermedan' meaning 'proud'.

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