Event: Killing/murderAnonymi 2446.killing of Beaduheard 1 and Anonymi 2546

Scholarly Info
Description Three ships of Danes (Anonymi 2446) killed Beaduheard 1 and those with him (Anonymi 2546).
Year 789
Primary Source Info
Date from Source <787>: when Beorhtric 1 was ruling the West Angles [= West Saxons] [at a time of] serene tranquillity; the number of years was more than 334 since Hengest 1 and Horsa 1 reached Britain, in the year that Beorhtric 1 married the daughter of Offa 1


*With respect to the dating from the arrival of Hengest 1 and Horsa 1, @Campbell 1962, p. 27 n. 1, points out that the date was more than 334 by four years.

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