Event: Council-meeting, ecclesiastical, Killing/murderBurghelm 2-Muca 2.killing

Scholarly Info
Description After a period of a year a great synod was held in the place called Clofesho and Burghelm 2 and Muca 2 were killed in that place.
Year 824
Primary Source Info
Original Text Anno igitur transacto facta est synodus magna in loco qui Clofesho nuncupatur, et duo ibidem duces interimuntur, Burghelm et Muca.
Date from Source <822>: after the passage of a year following the deposition of Ceolwulf 5 from the kingdom [of the Mercians], at the time of a synod at Clofesho


@Campbell 1962, p. 28 translates 'ibidem' as 'at the same time' [sc. as the Synod of Clofeshoh] but he provides an alternative in n. 1: 'Or, giving ibidem its usual sense, "in that place", which would mean that Ęthelweard inferred that B. and M. were killed at the synod.'

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