Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of king, Kingdom - accession toAlfred 8.accession to kingdom

Scholarly Info
Description Alfred 8 acceded to the [West Saxon] kingdom.
Year 871
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... successionem ...
Date from Source <871>: seventy-one years after Ecgberht 6 took the [West Saxon] kingdom under control, forty-seven since the battle of Ellendun, twenty-six from the battle at the Parret, twenty from Acleah, five years from when Anonymi 34 arrived in the territories of the East Angles


*Ęthelweard 23 makes several errors in dating: as @Campbell points out, 48 would be more exact than 47; and 27 and 6 for 26 and 5 respectively (see @Campbell 1962, p. xxxix).

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