Event: BattleEcgberht 10.battle against Beornwulf 3 at Ellandun

Scholarly Info
Description The Mercians (Anonymi 2457) and West Angles waged civil war; Ecgberht 10 gained the victory.
Year 825
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... Myrcii et Occidentales Angli ciuilia bella gessere in cognominato loco Ellendune ...
Date from Source Forty-seven years before the encampment of the barbarians (Anonymi 2497 and Anonymi 34) at Reading, the death of Ęthelred 15 and the accession of Alfred 8


*Ecgberht 10's opponent, Beornwulf 3, is not mentioned in this passage. *As @Campbell 1962, p. 40 n. 1, observes: '48 would be exact.'

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