Event: MarriageĘthelwulf 1.marrying Judith 1

Scholarly Info
Description Ęthelwulf 1 had married a daughter (Judith 1) of Charlemagne 1.
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... in matrimonium duxerat ...


*As @Campbell 1962, p. 45 n. 2, observes: 'Ęthelweard confuses Charles 4 the Bald, d. 877, and his son Louis the Stammerer, d. 879, the father of Louis and Carloman under discussion, with Charles 4 the Great, d. 814, and his son, Louis the Pious, d. 840, who in fact "had the entire empire".' He subsequently identifies the father of Judith 1 as Charles 4 (i.e., Charles 4 the Bald).

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