Event: Battle, HostilityAnonymi 2538.hostilities at Holme

Scholarly Info
Description Hostilities began at Holme against the eastern enemy. Afterwards the barbarians (Anonymi 2538) were the victors.
Year 900
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... bella parantur Holme in loco contra orientalem ... cladem ...
Date from Source Five days after the feast of the Holy Mother [= ?8 December]; the customary passage of the years had been twice fulfilled [after] the number of years completed since the birth of Christ was fully the nine-hundredth.


*@Campbell 1962, p. 62, records Holme as an 'unidentified place in Kent'. *@Campbell 1962, p. 52 n. 2 comments of the feast date: 'The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 8 Dec., would seem to be intended, see Wainwright, EHR, lx, 390-1.' *Ęthelweard 23 and the Mercian Register are in agreement here on the place-name.

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