Event: BattleAnonymi 2576-Anonymi 2538.battle at Wednesfield

Scholarly Info
Description The Mercian and West [Saxon] troops (Anonymi 2576) gained victory over the Danes (Anonymi 2538) at Wednesfield.
Year 910
Primary Source Info
Date from Source <909>: after Anonymi 2538 had engaged in ravaging across the Severn and were returning: reported as having occurred on 5 August


*The battle of Tettenhall (see ASC, s.a. 911 and Mercian Register, s.a. 910) is here called 'Wodnesfield', which as @Campbell 1962, p. xxxi points out, is confirmed by the Annals of St Neots and 'Florence' of Worcester. *@Whitelock 1979 points out that Ęthelweard 23 here has fuller information on this battle than the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

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