Event: Killing/murderLudeca 1-Anonymi 835.killing

Scholarly Info
Description [Ludeca 1 was killed] and five duces (Anonymi 835) with him.
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... Beornulf regem Merciorum, quem et truncant, superato exercitu eius et quinque duces cum eo.
Date from Source [<825>]


It is important to note that this Event is based on a conjectural restoration of the text in @Campbell 1962. There is no gap in Savile's text between the reporting of the killing of Beornwulf 3 and the words mentioning Anonymi 835. Recourse to the text of ASC (A) suggests, however, that several words have dropped from the text, perhaps because of eye-skip (note 'truncant' in the quoted text and the next sentence but one after this, which starts: 'Biennio itaque impleto ...'). @Campbell 1962, p. 29 n. a conjectures that the missing text was something like 'Biennio impleto Ludeca 1, rex Merciorum, truncatur', an entirely reasonable conjecture, which has been adopted here. Anonymi 835 have, however, also been reported as having an event role in the event 'Anonymous 917-Anonymi 2454.killing of Beornwulf 3' in order faithfully to report the extant text.

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