Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of bishop, Deposition of bishop, ExpulsionCuthbert 1.consecration as bishop of Hexham

Scholarly Info
Description Cuthbert 1 was consecrated as bishop of Hexham by Theodore 1 at York because Trumberht 1 was driven from the episcopal see.
Year 684
Primary Source Info
Original Text F(OE): ... gehalgod to biscope ... on Eueruuic to Hagustaldesea ...; F(Lat.): ... apud Eboracum ciuitatem ad episcopatum Hagastaldensi[s] ęcclesię ...
Date from Source 685 F(OE and Lat.): in the same year as bloody rain fell on Britain and milk and butter were turned to blood


*It should be noted that F(Lat.) describes Hexham as an 'ecclesia' (church), though it also describes it as an 'episcopatus' (bishopric); this version also describes York as a 'civitas'.

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