Event: Council-meeting, ecclesiasticalGeorge 1.presentation of capitulary and papal letters

Scholarly Info
Description George 1 wrote a capitulary designed to correct the vices he encountered, declared it before the council and had it adopted.
Year 786
Primary Source Info
Original Text [p. 21]... quod reliqua uicia non minima ibi necessaria erant ad corrigendum ... [s]cripsimus namque capitulare de singulis rebus ... [p. 27] Haec ... decreta ... in concilio publico ... proposuimus ... se in omnibus custodire deuouerunt ... et postea st


*For an outline of the contents of the agreement see George 1, s.v. 'authorship'. *The word 'charta' may well indicate that the document was a papyrus one, which would have facilitated the placing of crosses against the names on a separate sheet. (Papyrus continued in use for solemn papal documents well after AD 786.)

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