Event: Advice/counsel, Charter-witnessing, Confirmation of land/privileges, Council-meeting, ecclesiastical, Crime, Death/dying, Judicial decision/review, Liturgical celebration, Monastery, violation of, Penance, Restoration of land/propertyS876 - Æthelred 32 confirming privileges of Abingdon 1

Scholarly Info
Description King Æthelred 32 mentioned the [unspecified ] difficulties which he and his kingdom had faced since the death of his mentor, Æthelwold 1. The king was penitent for the decisions taken in his youth with the counsel of greedy men - Bishop Wulfgar 28, Ealdorman Ælfric 87 - and for being persuaded to infringe on the liberty of Abingdon 1 in return for money. This liberty Æthelwold had acquired for the monastery from the kings Eadred 16, Eadwig 4, and Edgar 11. A synod was conveyed in Winchester at Pentecost to renew / restore the lost liberty. Æthelred 32 here renounces the payment he accepted from Ælfric 87 in return for awarding Edwin 15, Ælfric 87's brother, the abbacy. The confirmation of the synod's conclusions was made in the oratory at Gillingham after the celebration of mass in the presence of the king, Abbot Ælfsige 81, Æthelmær 22, and Ordwulf 4, the king's uncle. Æthelred 32 gave lordship of Abingdon to Abbot Wulfgar 28; his successor was to be chosen by the brethren in accordance with
Year 993
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 993, Winchester, Hants., Pentecost, i.e. 4 June; Gillingham, Dorset, 17 July

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