Event: Charter-witnessing, Confirmation of land/privileges, Monastic reformS895 - Æthelred 32 confirming lands of Wulfsige 36 and Sherborne 1

Scholarly Info
Description King Æthelred 32 to Wulfsige 36, bishop, and Sherborne 1 Abbey; permission to convert the community to the Benedictine Rule, and confirmation of land at Stockland in Sherborne, Dorset; 9 hides (cassati) at Holcombe Rogus, Devon; 15 at Halstock, 7 at Thornford, 10 at Bradford Abbas, 5 at Oborne, 8 at Stalbridge Weston, 20 in Stalbridge, all in Dorset; 10 at Wulfheardigstoke; 8 at (Nether and Over) Compton, Dorset; 2 in Osanstoke; and 1 hide (mansa) at Lyme, Dorset
Year 998
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 998

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