Event: Charter-witnessing, Confirmation of land/privileges, Grant and GiftS904 - Æthelred 32 granting privileges to Wherwell 1 and Heanflæd 1

Scholarly Info
Description King Æthelred 32 to Abbess Heanflæd 1 and Wherwell 1 Abbey; grant of privileges and confirmation of 70 hides (mansae) in the vicinity of the abbey, and grant of 60 hides (cassati) at Æthelingadene (East and West Dean, Sussex), previously belonging to Queen Ælfthryth 8. With note, dated 1008, confirming 29 messuages in Winchester to the abbey and granting 10 hides (mansae) at Bullington, Hants.
Year 1002
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 1002

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