Event: Assembly, Disputing/dispute-settling, Judicial decision/review, MeetingVarious.shire moot in Berks S1454

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Description A dispute between Wynnflæd 5 and Leofwine 34 about land at Hagbourne and Bradfield, Berks., and at Datchet, Bucks., which was settled at the shire-moot at Cwicelmshlæwe (Scutchamer Knob, Berks.). Wynnflæd 5 produced various witness to adduce her proof of ownership.
Year 990 x 992
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Here it is stated in this document how Wynnflæd 5 produced here witnesses at Woolmer before King Æthelred 32, namely Archbishop Sigeric 9 and Bishop Ordberht 4 and Ealdorman Ælfric 46 and Ælfthryth 8, the king’s mother, all of whom bore witness that Ælfric 81 gave Wynnflæd 5 the estates at Hagbourne and at Bradfield in return for the estate at Datchet. Then the king sent straightway to Leofwine 34 by the archbishop and those who had acted as witnesses along with him, and informed him of this, but he would not [agree], unless the matter were referred to a shire-meeting. This was done. The king sent his seal to the meeting at Cwicelmshlæwe [Scutchamer Knob] by Abbot Ælfhere 15, and greeted all the councillors who were assembled there, namely Bishop Æthelsige 13 and Bishop Æscwig 3, and Abbot Ælfric 46 and the whole shire, and prayed and commanded them to settle the case between Wynnflæd 5 and Leofwine 34 as justly as they could; and Archbishop Sigeric 9 sent his declaration to the meeting and Bishop Ordberht 4 his. Then Wynnflæd 5 was informed that she might prove her ownership of the estate, and she adduced proof of her ownership with the help of Ælfthryth 8, the king’s mother, her supporters being first Abbot Wulfgar 31 and Wulfstan 33 the priest and Æfic 1, the Ætheling’s discthegn, and Edwin 1 and Eadhelm 3 and Ælfhelm 14 and Ælfwine 35 and Ælfweard 26 and Eadwald 32 and Eadric 30 and Ælfgar 30 and the Abbess Eadgifu 9 and the Abbess Leofrun 4 and Æthelhild 5 and the Abbess Lewknor 1 and her sister [Anonymous 953] and her daughter and Ælfgifu 10 and her daughter [Anonymous 954] and Wulfwynn 6 and Æthelgifu 14 and Ælfwaru 3 and Ælfgifu 11 and Æthelflæd 3 and many a good thegn and good woman, all of whom we cannot enumerate, so that the full number was produced, including both men and women. Then the councillors who were there declared that it would be better for the oath to be dispensed rather than sworn, because thereafter friendship would be at an end [between them], and he [Leofwine 34] would be asked to return what he had seized and pay compensation and his wergeld to the king. Then he dispensed with the oath, and handed over the estate uncontested to Bishop Æthelsige 13, [affirming] that henceforth he would make no further claim to it. Then Wynnflæd 5 was directed to produce all his father’s gold and silver that she had. Then she did [as little] as she dared to protect her oath. Then he was still not satisfied with it, unless she should swear that all his property was there. She said that she could not [do so] for her part nor he for his. And the witnesses of this were Ælfgar 37, the king’s reeve, and Beorhtric 22, and Leofric 6 of Whitchurch and many good men besides.

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