OfficeÆthelred 15 View information for this person held office of King

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Office TermKing
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Original Text rex
Date from Source Seventy-one years since Ecgberht 10 had taken the [West Saxon] kingdom under control and forty-seven since the battle of Ellandun, twenty-six since the battle at the Parrett, twenty since the fight at Aclea and five years since the pagans arrived in the territory of the East Angles


*@Campbell 1962, p. xxxix n. 1, observes: 'Great carelessness on Æthelweard's part is not to be denied; ... under 871, when referring back to OEC 845, 866, he fails to allow for the fact that in his system those annals are 844 and 865, but makes them 871 minus 26, and minus 5.

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