OfficeAnonymous 922 View information for this person held office of Dux (Leader of the 'Sarauara')

Scholarly Info
Office TermDux
Office StyleLeader of the 'Sarauara'
Year 885
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... Sarauara duci ...
Date from Source <885>: when Alfred 8 was in the process of defeating the force that had arrived at Rochester (Anonymi 2523).


*The passage is defective. See further Anonymi 2557. *The meaning of 'Sarauara' is currently unknown. @Campbell 1962, p. 64, s.v. Sarauara, comments that the word is 'obscure, but since apparently a West-Saxon contingent is intended, the word is probably a compound in -ware, the meaning is perhaps "men of Salisbury" (cf. Lat. Sarum).'

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