PossessionÆlfric 164 View information for this person Property recorded in Domesday Book: 1 hide in Ashford, Middlesex (in 1066)

Scholarly Info
Possession [land in Domesday Book] Domesday.Ashford.Middlesex.1 hide: 1 hide in Ashford, Middlesex
Year 1066
Primary Source Info
Date from Source TRE = tempore regis Edwardi (in the time of King Edward, i.e. 1066)


Ælfric [Ælfric 164] held 1 hide in Ashford, Middlesex TRE. His/her lord was Wulfwald Abbot of Chertsey, St Peter's (abbey) [Wulfwald 1]. This property was held by Count Robert of Mortain [Robert 51] TRW. It was worth 20s. TRE, and 14s. TRW.

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