Transaction: Bequeathing/will-making, Confirmation of land/privileges, Forfeiture, Property-giving/sellingÆthelmær 13.S842 bequeathing land to Winchester, New Minster 1

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Description King Æthelred 32 to Winchester, New Minster 1; confirmation of 13 hides (mansae), comprising 7 hides (manentia) on the Isle of Wight at Heantune, Bathingbourne, Meolocdune and Stathe, together with 5 hides (cassata) at Fratton on Portsea Island, 1 at Segenworth in Titchfield and a meadow by the river Meon, Hants. The lands had been forfeited by Lufa 1, sold for 100 mancuses by King Æthelred 32 to Ealdorman Æthelmær 13, and bequeathed by Æthelmær 13 to New Minster (cf. S 1498)
Year x 982
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