Transaction: Adultery, Forfeiture, Grant and Gift, Property-exchanging, Property-giving/sellingÆlfric 46.S901 purchasing land from Æthelred 32

Scholarly Info
Description King Æthelred 32 to Ælfric 46, archbishop; grant of 24 hides (mansae) at Dumbleton, Gloucs., including land comprising 17 hides to the west of the river Isbourne (i.e. at Dumbleton), 2 hides in the common land at Aston Somerville, Gloucs., and 5 hides of woodland at Fleferth (? Kington near Flyford Flavell, Worcs.), in return for 50 talents. The land had been forfeited by a woman [Anonymous 927] for adultery.
Year 1002
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 1002

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