Transaction: Forfeiture, Grant and Gift, Property-buying/purchasingÆthelred 32.S916 granting land to St Albans 1

Scholarly Info
Description King Æthelred 32 to St Albans 1 Abbey; grant of land at Norton, 1 hide (mansa) at Rodanhangra and land at Oxhey, Herts., originally granted to the abbey by King Offa 7 but subsequently lost, and later forfeited to King Æthelred 32 by Leofsige 17, dux, and purchased for St Albans 1 by Archbishop Ælfric 46 and Abbot Leofric 30
Year 1007
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 1007


given that the Archbishop and the abbot appear to have bought this land, the charter looks more like a confirmation than a grant

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