Transaction: Seizure of landÆthelred 32.seizing land from Wulfgeat 6 and Ælfgifu 18 S918

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Description King Æthelred 32 from Wulfgeat 6 and Ælfgifu 18, his wife; seizure of 20 hides (mansi) at Moredon in Rodbourne Cheney, Wilts.
Year 978 x 1008
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The land had been seized in the time of Abbot Edwin 15 by Ælfgar 32, the king's prepositus, with Æthelred 32's permission but illegally. Ælfgar 32 gave the land to his wife, Ælfgifu 18, who survived him and married Wulfgeat 6. Later the property of Ælfgifu 18 and Wulfgeat 6 was forfeited to the king, and Abbot Wulfgar 31made a request for the return of the estate.

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