Transaction: Agreement, Assembly, Bequeathing/will-making, Kingdom - accession to, Oath-swearing/fealtyÆthelred 15.S1507 bequeathing land to Alfred 8

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Description Æthelred 15 succeeded as king and Alfred 8 asked him in the presence of councillors that the inheritance be divided and he be given his share. Æthelred 15 said that it could not easily be done and that he would leave whatever he held of their joint property to no person sooner than Alfred 8and Alfred 8 agreed. They agreed in the witness of the councillors of the West Saxons, that whichever should live longer should grant to the other's children the lands which they had obtained and the lands which King Æthelwulf 1 gave to them in Æthelbald 13's lifetime, except those which he bequeathed to the three brothers. Each gave his pledge, that which ever of them lived longer should succeed to the lands and treasures of the other's possessions except the part which each of us had bequeathed to his children.
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Alfred 8 says that this arrangement was made after they had been harassed by a heathen army.

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