Transaction: Bequeathing/will-makingAlfred 18.S1508 bequeathing land to Wśrburg 3 and Ealhthryth 1

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Description Ealdorman Alfred 18 to his wife, Wśrburg 3; bequest of 32 hides at Sanderstead and Selsdon in Surrey, 20 at Westerham in Kent, 6 at Lingfield and 10 at Horsley, both in Surrey, and 6 at Nettlestead, Kent. 2000 swine were given on condition that Wśrburg 3 remains unmarried. After Wśrburg 3's life, the land at Sanderstead and Selsdon and Lingfield is to pass to Ealhthryth 1 their daughter. If she has a child, the child is to succeed; if she has no child, the nearest of kin descended from her direct paternal ancestry is to succeed to land and stock. Any one of Alfred 18's paternal kinsmen is to have the opportunity to buy the lands at half price.
Year 871 x 899
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