Transaction: Bequeathing/will-making, Commemoration of the dead, Grant and GiftKetel 4.bequeathing to various

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Description From Ketel 4's will: 'And I desire that in accordance with the agreement Edwin 40 and Wulfric 74 shall after my time succeed to everything which is mine everywhere in the village, except so much as I grant to the church; namely, the land let for services which my man Ælfwald 69 holds; and he is to occupy the other during his lifetime. And afterwards all the land which comes into his possession is to go with the other to the church. If Edwin 40 my uncle will maintain the partnership with me and my uncle Wulfric 74 with regard to the estate at Melton, if we outlive him we are to succeed to the estate at Thorpe, on condition that after the death of both of us, the estate at Melton shall go to St Benedict's at Holme, for our ancestors' souls and for our own souls: and the estate at Thorpe to Bury St Edmunds.'
Year 1052 x 1066
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