Transaction: Grant and GiftRoger 4.granting land to Grestain

Scholarly Info
Description Earl Roger 4 de Montgomery granted 32 hides in England to his daughter, Countess Matilda 5 de Mortain, which consisted of: 8 hides at Harrington, Northants.; 11 hides at Marsh Gibbon, Bucks.; 6 hides at Ickford, Bucks.; 2 hides at Langborough, Gloucs.; 3 and a half hides at Tomstona; 3 virgates at Clendon, Northants.. He gave these lands, which Matilda 5 had held of him during her lifetime, to Grestain with William 1ís agreement. Alfred 64, pincerna, who had held them of the countess for 15 pounds a year continued to hold them of Grestain for 15 pounds a year.
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Original Text Et Rogerius comes de Montegomerico dedit in Anglia Mathildi sue filie comitisse Moritoniensi triginta et duas hydrias terre, scilicet apud Hermitonam octo hydrias terre, et apud mersam undecim hydrias, et apud Wildefordam sex hydrias, et apud Langabergam

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