Transaction: Bequeathing/will-making, Capture, Death/dying, Grant and Gift, Lease, Seizure of landLeofric 49.holding lands from Worcester 1

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Description Earl Leofric 49 son of Leofwine 49 held a number of lands from Worcester 1. He returned Wolverley and Blackwell, which he had long held illegally, and at the end of his life promised to return others: Chaddesley Corbett, Bell Hall, Belbroughton and Fairfield. His widow Godgifu 2 made various gifts to the monastery and arranged for annual payment from his lands, but they were seized from her by Earls Edwin 33 and Morcar 3, inspired by the devil. As a result Edwin 33 perished, abandoned by his friends, and Morcar 3 died in captivity.
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