Transaction: Death/dying, Property-buying/purchasing, Property-exchanging, Seizure of land∆thelwold 1.buying land from Leofsige 42

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Description Bishop ∆thelwold 1 bought two hides at Kensworth from Leofsige 42, one of his leading men, for four pounds. The land is in Bedfordshire and belongs to Houghton. Abbot Beorhtnoth 19 accordingly gave Leofsige 42 the first part of the money, that is sixty shillings, at Hatfield in the witness of ∆lfweard 44 of Stodham. Then indeed, when Leofsige 42 died, the abbot arranged that the twenty shillings which remained should be given to and shared among the clerks for the good of his soul. But Leofsige 42ís heriot went unpaid and had not been given to the bishop. In this way the bishop bought the land, but it was lost to him through pillage and violence.
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