Transaction: Appointment - ecclesiastical, Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of abbot, Church/monastery/minster foundation/dedication/restoration, Grant and Gift, School-foundingEcgfrith 4-Theodore 1.grant to Cuthbert 1

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Description King Ecgfrith 4 and Archbishop Theodore 1 gave to St Cuthbert 1 in the city of York all the land that lies from the wall of the church of York, St Peter's 1 as far as the great gate towards the west, and from the wall of the church of St Peter as far as the city wall towards the south. They also gave him the vill that is called Crayke and three miles in circumference around the same vill, so that he might have a stopping-place there whenever he went to or returned from York. And St Cuthbert 1 installed a congregating of monks there and ordained an abbot, and because it seemed a small territory, he added the city that is called Carlisle, which has a circumference of fifteen miles, and in the same city he placed a congregation of nuns, and ordained an abbess [Anonymous 59] and established schools.
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It cannot be correct that St Cuthbert founded a nunnery at Carlisle, and placed an abbess in it, when he visited that city: it appears by Bede's Life of Cuthbert that the nunnery was of older date.

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