Transaction: Disputing/dispute-settling, Grant and Gift, Restoration of land/propertyDunne 1.granting monastery to Hrothwaru 1 S1429

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Description Dunne 1, nun, to Hrothwaru 1, her grand-daughter; grant of hides (cassati) by the river Tillath (Coln) on which is built a monastery [Withington]. Because Hrothwaru 1 was too young, the charter was given to her mother, [Anonymous 437]. Later when Hrothwaru 1 asked for the charter Anonymous 437 said it was lost. The matter was then debated by a sacerdotal council which decreed that the monastery should return to Hrothwaru 1 and then revert to Worcester 1 as Dunne 1 had intended.
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N.B. Anonymous 437 may be Bucga 1

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