Transaction: Bequeathing/will-making, Oath-swearing/fealtyÆthelric 8.S1187 bequeathing land to Deerhurst 1

Scholarly Info
Description Æthelric 8, son of Æthelmund 2, declares his intention to bequeath land at Todenham, Gloucs.; Sture; Shrawley, Worcs.; and at Cohhanlea to Deerhurst 1; the land was given on condition that the community carries out their vows as they have promised.
Year 804
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 804


Æthelric 8's bequest was spoken by him in synod at Aclea having a few years previously been spoken by him at Clofesho. The date here refers to the Clofesho meeting.

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