Transaction: Seizure of charter, Theft/attempted theftDægheah 1-Osberht 1.S1258 stealing charters from Canterbury, Christ Church 1

Scholarly Info
Description Dægheah 1 and Osberht 1 from Canterbury, Christ Church 1; theft of charters granting ownership of the monastery of Cookham, Berks.. The charters were handed over to Cynewulf 4, king of the West Saxons.
Year 760 x 786
Primary Source Info
Date from Source after the death of Cuthbert 7; during the reign of Cenwulf 3


Later the lands were seized by Offa 7, king of the Mercians, who left them to his heirs [Ecgfrith 7, king of the Mercians, and Cynethryth 2, Offa's wife].

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