Transaction: Grant and Gift, Property-exchangingBeorhtwulf 2.S206 exchanging with Heahberht 8 and Worcester 1

Scholarly Info
Description Burgred 5, king of the Mercians, to Ealhhun 2, bishop, and his familia at Worcester 1; grant of privileges for 10 hides (manentes) at Ablington by the River Coln, Gloucs.; for 8 hides (cassati) at Poulton, Wilts.; for 6 hides (cassati) at Barnsley, Gloucs.; for 5 hides (manentes) at Eisey, Wilts.; and for 3 hides (manentes) at Bentley, Worcs.; in return for two bradiolae weighing 45 (or 48) mancuses
Year 855
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 855

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