Transaction: Confirmation of land/privileges, Grant and Gift, Property-exchangingHathored 3-Worcester 1.granting land to Offa 7 S1257

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Description Hathored 3, bishop of the Hwicce, with the consent of his familia at Worcester 1, to Offa 7, king of the Mercians; surrender of 90 hides (manentes) with the minster at Bath and also 30 hides (cassati) by the river Avon, in exchange for the confirmation of 30 hides at Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwicks., 38 at Sture (? Kidderminster Worcs., or Alderminster, Warwicks.), 14 (manentes) at Stour in Ismere and 12 at Bredon, Worcs., and 17 (cassati) at Hampton Lucy, Warwicks.
Year 781
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