Transaction: Property-buying/purchasing, Property-exchangingBurgred 5-Ăthelswith 1.S361 granting land to Ealhhun 2

Scholarly Info
Description Ealhhun 2, bishop, from Burgred 5, king, and Ăthelswith 1, queen; purchase of 5 hides (manentes) at Water Eaton, Oxon.
Year 852 x 872
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The land had been purchased by Ealhhun 2, bishop of Worcester 1, from King Burgred 5 and Queen Ăthelswith 1, later sold by Bishop WŠrferth 1 to King Ceolwulf II, given by the king to Hungyth 1 and then sold by Hungyth 1 to Wigfrith 2.

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