Transaction: Grant and GiftÆlfwine 4-Ecgfrith 4.granting lands to Wilfrid 2

Scholarly Info
Description [Ælfwine 4 and Ecgfrith 4] granted in writing to our bishop [Wilfrid 2] many lands, and these are the names of the areas: near the River Ribble and in Yeadon and in the region of Dent and Catlow and many other places.
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... multas terras ... pontifici nostro conscripserunt, et haec sunt nomina regionum: iuxta Rippel et Ingaedyne et in regione Dunutinga et Incaetlaeuum in caeterisque locis.


Included amongst lands given previously and on the day of dedication of the church of St Peter at Ripon by Ecgfrith 4 and Ælfwine 4.

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