Transaction: Seizure of landÆlfsige 45.seizing lands from Selsey 1 S1291

Scholarly Info
Description Ælfsige 45 from to the bishopric and minster of Selsey 1; seizure of 42 hides (tributarii) at Selsey, Wittering, Itchenor, Birdham, Egesawyda, Brinfast and Sidlesham, 7 hides (cassati) at Aldingbourne and Lidsey, 8 at [Amberley and] Houghton, 4 at Coldwaltham and 9 at (North) Mundham, all in Sussex
Year 957
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 957


This seizure is said to have been contrary to the decrees of the Nicene Council, on which see Kelly, Selsey, 88-91

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