Source: Textual EditionCalendHampson

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Source Information
Author Anonymous
Source Title Metrical Calendar of Hampson
Date of composition Soon after ca 902
Language Latin


*@McGurk 1994, p. 89, concludes: 'It has been argued above that MCH [= Metrical Calendar of Hampson] was the work of one poet composing soon after c. 902. This makes probable the poem's composition in England in the early tenth century either by an Englishman who had frequent recourse to Irish sources, or, as was suggested by Bishop, and still seems the more likely, by an Irishman working in English court circles, though these need not have been limited to Winchester.' *For further bibliography see @McGurk 1994.


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  McGurk, P. The Metrical Calendar of Hampson: A New Edition Analecta bollandiana 1994 79-125, at pp. 90-111