Source: CharterS17

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Wihtred, king of Kent, to Mildrith, abbess; grant of privileges for Minster-in-Thanet.

Charter information
Sawyer 17
Birch 45
Kemble 88
British Academy Kelly, St Augustine's No. 39
Source Used Brit_Ac
Archive(s) Canterbury, St Augustine's ex Minster-in-Thanet
Source Information
Language Latin
Date from Source February 696
Scholarly Source Dating 696


*Liebermann, Gesetze, iii. 24-5, spurious; Stenton 1918, p. 437 n. 19, some grounds for confidence (= Stenton 1970, p. 51 n. 5); Wallenberg, KPN, p. 18, identifies Berkamystede as Bearsted, Kent; Cox 1976, pp. 29, 36, on place-names; Scharer 1982, pp. 90-1, spurious; Everitt 1986, p. 371 n. 31, Berkamystede is probably not Bearstead; Kelly, St Augustine's, pp. 158-9, spurious.