Source: CharterS584

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King Eadwig to Abingdon, St Mary's Abbey; grant of 20 hides (mansae) at Tadmarton, Oxon.

Charter information
Sawyer 584
Birch 967
Kemble 442
British Academy ---
Source Used Birch
Archive(s) Abingdon
Source Information
Language Latin with Old English
Date from Source 956
Scholarly Source Dating 956


*Grundy, Oxon., p. 67, on bounds; PN Oxon., ii. 406-7, 421, 488, on bounds; Gelling, ECTV, no. 274, authentic; Keynes 1980, pp. 57-8, 'Group Three', p. 68 n. 130, spurious, p. 75 n. 151, not authentic; Hart 1992, p. 132 n. 51, spurious; Blair 1994, p. 78; Kelly, Abingdon, no. 68, forged to give clear title to the whole Tadmarton manor, which was otherwise covered by three separate charters in favour of laymen (S 611, 617, 618). The bounds of these charters were included in S 584 without modification