Source: CharterS620

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King Eadwig to Eadric, his man; grant of 5 hides (cassati) at Padworth, Berks.

Charter information
Sawyer 620
Birch 984
Kemble 1204
British Academy Kelly, Abingdon No. 74
Source Used Brit_Ac
Archive(s) Abingdon
Source Information
Language Latin with Old English
Date from Source 956
Scholarly Source Dating 956


*Stenton 1913, p. 41; Grundy, Berks. 1927, pp. 117-20, on bounds; PN Berks., i. 214, iii. 641, 645-6, on bounds; Forsberg 1979, p. 145, on detail of bounds; Gelling, ECTV, no. 80, authentic; Keynes 1980, pp. 59-60, 68 n. 128, 'Group Four'; Kelly, Abingdon, no. 74, authentic, charter is duplicated in the cartulary without significant variants