Source: CharterS660

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King Eadwig to Winchester, New Minster; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at Bighton, Hants., with lease, for life, by the Minster to Ælfric, the king's minister, in return for 60 mancuses of gold.

Charter information
Sawyer 660
Birch 1045
Kemble ---
British Academy Miller, New Minster No. 22
Source Used Brit_Ac
Archive(s) Winchester, New Minster
Source Information
Language Latin with Old English
Date from Source 959
Scholarly Source Dating 959


*Robinson 1918, p. 65, peculiar form of Archbishop Brihthelm's attestation vindicated by S 652; Grundy, Hants. 1921, pp. 107-8, on bounds; Stenton 1955, pp. 22-3, abnormal in form but undoubtedly genuine; Finberg, ECW, no. 88, authentic; HRH, p. 229, doubtful in form, subscriptions consistent but not numerous; O'Donovan 1972, p. 34; Keynes 1980, p. 69 n. 134, cited