Source: CharterS1212

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Latin version of S 1211 with note of grant by Eadgifu, queen, to Christ Church, Canterbury, of land at Meopham, Cooling, Lenham, Pettham (Petham or Peckham), Farleigh, Monkton, and Ealdintun, Kent; with confirmation by King Æthelred (A.D. 995 x 1005).

Charter information
Sawyer 1212
Birch 1065
Kemble 1237
British Academy ---
Source Used Birch
Archive(s) Canterbury, Christ Church
Source Information
Language Latin
Date from Source 961
Scholarly Source Dating 961


*Wallenberg, KPN, pp. 288-9, on place-names; Meyer 1993, pp. 86-7, cited; Kennedy 1995, p. 162 n. 124, p. 182 n. 193; Fleming 1997, p. 92, translation of S 1211 with additional information about Eadgifu's gifts to Christ Church derived from obituary lists